Day 29: Ions and Bohr Diagrams


Science 9  Today’s class first did a quiz on Bohr diagrams and then we delved a bit deeper into ions.  I showed the above graphic to the class and asked them to Notice and Wonder.  This led to a conversation on how the valence shell for each ion was full, and why this might be.  This in turn answered their question about the process of atom -> ion -> ionic bond.

The quiz before this was a bit strange.  Not many students mastered the learning objectives. I was a bit surprised because I’ve been trying to really have the students reflect on their learning.  I’ve been pretty good at asking them to update their journals and I’ve also been giving them time to summarize their learning and providing links to their overarching Essential Questions.  “Asking” is the key here.  With 180 students, I’m not exactly checking up on everyone’s journals.  That would be a fairly impossible task.  So even though I prompt for journal writing, I have some doubts on how many kids are doing this task authentically.

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