Day 31: Length, Area, Volume

books1 books3


Science 9  Most of my grade 9 students were away today, visiting one of their parents’ workplaces.  I started off the class with the screenshot at the top.  Here it is, a real life example of using math!  I was asked this question the night before from a friend. I had the students address the prompt. The first thing they had to do was figure what question it was that they wanted to solve.  Some chose length of books (books stacked), surface area of books, and volume of books.  With the odd bit of help from me, we learned a few things.  350,000 books will reach a height of over 11 km if stacked.  This is higher than Mr. Everest.  Laid out on a soccer field, we would need 12 fields to contain all the books.  Finally, we found out that we’d need 1.5 classrooms totally packed to hold all the books.  Clearly the woman was exaggerating when she said she had 350,000 books at home…

Not all the kids were engaged but most were.  It was another case of grabbing the students’ curiosity and running with it.

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