Day 57: Immune System



Science 8 – Students began learning more about the immune system today.  I say “more” because the kids already know a lot. I started off with a powerpoint slide show of the main topics.  Most of the time though, we were doing class discussions.  The students told me about vaccinations, inflammations, 4 ways to contact pathogens, and a few other things.

I then asked the students to make a comic that addressed all of the issues we had discussed, including innate and acquired immune response, t-cells, antibodies, etc.  The idea with the comic is for the kids to learn some facts (knowledge, low level Blooms), apply your understandings and then make something new with it (synthesis).

The students did okay, but it was pretty common for kids to skip details. I gave each student individual verbal feedback on their comic after handing it in.  No marks were given, as I made it clear that they were learning exactly what they needed to know to do well on their immune system quiz.

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