Day 59: Learning the Cell Cycle


Science 9 – The students are learning about the cell cycle and mitosis.  They were asked to complete an activity, but in general the students weren’t working too hard.  Homework is a foreign idea to most of them. I don’t assign homework for practice, but if I feel that something should have been finished in class, I will ask that it gets done at home.  I try to frame it as being an important part of their learning.  The work they do is for them, not for me. I have no interest in collecting it for marks.  However, I am interested in looking at it so I can the students feedback on what else they need to work on.

There is a lot of vocabulary around the cell cycle and mitosis, and as teachers I think we need to be careful on what we ultimately want them to take away from the topic. I expect the students to know the general idea of cell division, cell cycle, cell functions and mitosis.  They should also be able to identify pictures of mitosis: they’ve read about it, studied the pictures and will do a lab looking at onion root slides.  As well, with critical thinking, students should be able to figure out the correct order for the stages of mitosis, even if they didn’t memorize the pictures.

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