Pseudo Day 103 – Parallel and Series Circuits


Science 9 – April 8

Students constructed parallel and series circuits today.  It was an important lab to do and unfortunately many students didn’t really try too hard to follow our plan. Science 9 is a tough grade: many students really see no point in the year in general (their words, not mine).  This unit is a real test of the students’ scientific reasoning.  While they can record their observation and discuss what they are seeing, many students cannot take the next step.  If <this is what you see> then <this must be true>.

I may give my science 9 students the Lawson Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning (CTSR).  It can help identify where each student is at with their reasoning abilities.


Although our school is lacking a lot of science equipment, we do have a pretty good setup for circuits.  There are lots of voltmeters, ammeters, cables, bulb holders and even enough batteries.

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