Day 18 – Reflections



Physics 11 – Students were given two opportunities to think about what they’ve been doing in class.  The first question was a quick one I had them answer on their mini whiteboards, and most kids had a hard time answering why they had to do a graph. A few were able to reason that they’re using graphs to model something they were analyzing.

Students also had an assignment to reflect on their quiz in the Moodle course site.  Only about 1/2 of my students completed this very easy 2 minute assignment.  I’m even more amazed this year as to how little students are willing to engage in technology as a tool for education. They love phones for messaging, YouTube, videos, games and music, but that’s about it.  Everything I see right now points to a continuing erosion of positive interactions with the internet.  I get the feeling that the class website will be completely underutilized.

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