Day 22 – Graphing Constant Acceleration


Physics 11 – Students continued to work on their constant acceleration lab, creating the position – time graph, and then using it to get velocity information.  I think there are some problems with this lab, where the students have to be told how to use the x-t graph to get velocity.  They get the idea but it involves a bit of hand waving.

2 thoughts on “Day 22 – Graphing Constant Acceleration”

  1. This year we used photogates to get v vs t and involves less hand waving. But in general most accelerations labs do something that’s not natural to students.


    1. I have one motion detector and was going to show it how it collected data and the graphs that it creates, but i forgot at the time and now I think its best to just keep moving on. Thinking out loud: maybe it would be useful to have an app/program that allows a user to click, drag and reshape a parabolic function f(x), and then its corresponding derivative function f'(x) is redrawn.


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