Day 40 – Buggy Challenge #3


Physics 11Taken right from Frank Noschese’s blog…  I’ve gotten so many great ideas from Frank.

Students needed a lot of help with this.  I wonder if this type of activity should begin with an extensive group discussion involving the whole class?  The problem I see with this is that it allows some of the stronger students to easily dissemminate the solution to the rest of the class.  Given that the solution is not the most important part of the activity (it’s going through the process of getting the solution), I’ve always let students struggle with this type of task.

Cognitive Load theories and direct instruction teachers would probably say that each group finding their own solution is inefficient and doesn’t give any direct benefits or learning.  They might be correct, but I am sure that being shown/told how to do this type of problem, and then practicing it until they are proficient at doing it, is not any better.

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