Day 57 – Disease Spread


Science 8Post movie activity #1: simulate the spread of disease.  Each student had a test tube with water in it, while one student had a test tube with 0.1M NaOH.  Students shared their liquid with each other by going through 5 rounds of exchanging one drop each with a dropper.  After 5 rounds of sharing, students lined up and I put a drop of phenolphalien in their test tube. If their liquid turned pink/magenta, it meant that they were infected.

I then challenged students to come up with a way to find who was patient zero.  A few kids managed to put some ideas together and come up with a system… and it worked!

Post movie activity #2 – Was Contagion realistic?


At first the students thought that the movie was a bit realistic. I then had them do a comparison between the disease they researched and the disease in Contagion.  The class then voted again and this time more people thought the movie was realistic.

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