Day 144 – Peer Instruction on Doppler Effect


Physics 11 – One topic we (un)covered today was the Doppler Effect. We used peer instruction to help with understanding. Normally in all of my classes it’s like pulling teeth to get students to stand up, walk around and discuss questions.  For today’s question I told the class that everyone would get 800 bonus points if over 80% of the class got the correct answer. The catch was that I would randomly pick one student to give their explanation, so just sharing the answer would not be enough.

The funny part about all of this is that our grading system doesn’t work on a points system and they know this.  Everything is compared to standards and learning objectives.  So “800 points” is a meaningless term in my classes. I had to take a photo of this because you’ve never seen a class so invested in learning about a concept. I couldn’t help laugh and a few students caught on to my “800 points” trick and rolled their eyes.

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