Day 36 – Working with Graphs

Physics 11 – We’ve started working with kinematic equations but before we got too deep into that, I had to go over graphing a bit more. Students really struggle with this topic. One reason for this could be that lots of the practice graphs I have them work with are really abstract in nature and don’t really describe any realistic motion.

It was time for Peer Instruction, and the above question and results were normal for the day. Vote #2 had a much higher correct answer rate.

Working with kinematic equations have brought forward two certainties in the physics classroom. Certainty #1 is shown below, and the question drives me crazy.


Certainty #2 is that students automatically go to equations to solve their problems.

I also saw people replacing variables in the work with an “x”. When asked about this, students said they are used to solving for x. So. Much. Work. To. Be. Done.

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