Day 41 – Tech Frustrations


Math 8 and 11 – The above picture pretty much sums up my day. You probably can’t see it, but one of the notebooks has the network connected with internet access the other one does not. For most of my days this year I’ve had fantastic problems connecting to the network on the class notebooks. It will take anywhere from 2 to 60 minutes for a notebook to login and connect.

I’d be ok with the computer not connecting to the network, but the Arduino IDE that we use needs to store files locally, and in our school district the IT people decided to make each person’s My Documents a network drive. So if there’s no network, there’s no way to run the Arduino software.

But there’s more.

We spent over an hour of class trying to get kids signed up for Powerschool so I can use their SBG Gradebook. Students have several problems with registering on websites, including:

  • they have multiple email addresses and can’t remember which one they’ve used
  • they have multiple email addresses and can’t remember passwords
  • they forgot their password and don’t know how to recover it (… click the “forgot password” button?)
  • they don’t have an email address
  • they don’t check email
  • they check email but can’t be bothered to register
  • they get locked out of gmail and have to wait for their parents to unlock their account with their recovery information sent as a text message to their parents’ cel phone

In summary, teens are no longer digital natives. They are smartphone natives, which means their parents signed into their phone account for them, and they’ve never needed to sign in again.

One thought on “Day 41 – Tech Frustrations”

  1. You are spot on with this post. Smartphone natives, “i” in lab reports, not knowing how to save a file, and not knowing how to organize saved files, all things a smartphone corrects or does for them. Another hurdle we’ll have to adapt to and overcome. I feel your pain.


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