Day 75 – Birthdays

Math 8 – Friday, 2:55 pm. First week back after the winter break. 13 year olds. Solution: join forces with another class and see how many people would have the same birthday!

I think there were 68 people in this photo (I didn’t really count). With 70 people there is a 99.9% chance that there will be at least two people with the same birthday. This group had 4 pairs. Fun!

Oh, earlier in the class we also did some work with modeling multiplication of fractions. I’m not sure how much more I will have the students pursue this. Whole numbers x fractions is easy to model and gives the students a physical/visual representation of what is happening with the operation. It removes some of the abstraction. I’m convinced that this modeling loses its shine as the operations get more complex as we move towards division. In my mind, models are simplified representations that help with explanations and predictions. By the time we get to dividing fractions, I think the models no longer accomplish what a model is supposed to.WP_20170106_14_49_30_Pro.jpg

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