Day 88 – Lab Practicum


Physics 11 – I divided the class into  random groups and each group was given a bucket with three masses, two Newton scales, and a wooden block.  Their task is to determine the coefficient of friction between the floor and the wooden block.

Most groups were content to take one measurement and use that to calculate the coefficient. I stepped in a bit and suggested that they get more data. I did this by asking them what their independent and dependent variables could be, which helped.  Some students even showed understanding of how they could use a graph to help determine the coefficient, while others were happy to average a range of numbers.

Overall the activity went ok.  They were asked to hand in a good lab report, which will then be graded. They previously handed in a lab report which I gave them feedback on. Hopefully they will take my feedback and use it to do a good job on this one.


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