Day 148 – Pro D


Pro D – I spent a fair bit of time today putting together some new unit plan ideas for the new curriculum part of Atomic Theory for Science 8.  I delved into some of the materials that the Perimeter Institute have put together.


Day 26 – Robotics Club


Robotics Club – We’re trying hard to kick off a robotics club.  There is a lot of interest and on this day there were about 25 kids that showed up just to talk about and draw/imagine what their robot might be able to do.  I’m raising money to purchase robots, and I also bit the bullet and bought 10 sets of robotics equipment using my own money. I hit ebay and amazon and got Arduino clones, ultrasound sensors, photoresistor sensors (for line following), h-bridge, chassis, cables, etc.

Day 13 – Pro D Day


Today was a Professional Development Day, so no action with students.  Because of the chaos of the move into our new school, today was mostly spent by the teachers sorting out their rooms and equipment.  It’s not traditional proD, but it was very needed.

The above picture shows the beanbag chairs we have in commons areas, and they’re pretty awesome. I’m hoping to get a couple for our home.

Day 1, 2015 Edition – Moving In


WP_20150909_16_07_49_Panorama WP_20150906_11_21_34_Pro

The science teachers at Kitsilano Secondary are pretty lucky because we get to move into new rooms this year.  There’s lots of light, and most importantly there is a lot of room!  I think my room is about 115 m^2.  We all have our little niggles and jokes about some of the new construction but mostly it’s pretty great.