Day 97 – Barbie Does Her Jump


Math 8 – Students did their Barbie Bungee Jump today. A few groups got really close!  The big difference between a good jump and not-so-good jump was that many students included the lenght of barbie in their equivalent ratio. So they not only multiplied the stretched elastic when scaling the distance but Barbie’s body length was multiplied too. This problem is avoided if graphing is used – Barbie becomes the y-intercept.  We may come back to this after linear relations.

Day 92 – Barbie Bungee Jump


Math 8 – The Barbie Bungee Jump is a really nice activity that works in so many different settings in secondary school. I’ve used it in Math 10 for graphing linear relations/functions, I’ve used it in Physics 11 as a graphing warm-up and modeling example, and this year we’re using it in Math 8 for ratios and rates. In a few weeks we’ll come back to it, and tie it in with linear relations.

I’m working on this with my teacher candidate.  Below is the handout that she developed and I tweaked (but just a little bit).

Math 8 Barbie Bungee Jump