Day 137 – Eye Dissection



Science 8 – A highlight of the year is the sheep eye dissection.  With minimal guidance, students were able to ethically and responsibly dissect the eye.  My peer tutor was a fantastic help during this activity as there are a few places that kids have problems, most noticeably when puncturing through the eye the first time.

I got a chuckle from the kids after the lab when they told me that “finally,  we got to do a lab.” Apparently a science lab isn’t a lab until animal parts are cut into!


Pseudo Day 130 – Eye Dissection

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Science 8 – June 15

Our last week of classes was kind of weird. We had double blocks of each class and even though attendance was not optional, in reality it was.  Not many of my students showed up this week other than my grade 8 students.  This schedule worked out very well for us because 2 hours was a very comfortable time for doing an eye dissection.

I visited some other classes in May that did the eye dissection during regular class time and it seemed a bit rushed.  They would do a prep worksheet one day and then the dissection the next day.  Having everyone do everything in one long class made the whole process smoother, from what I could tell.