Day 149 – Space Center



Science 9 – Today the grade 9’s had their field trip to the Space Center.  I chose for them to do three activities: cosmic courtyard, planet hunter and a movie on black holes. As anticipate, the black holes movie was the highlight.  The cosmic courtyard needs a major refresher, as many of their exhibits don’t work anymore….


Day 146 – PlayLand Physics


Physics 11 – Today my physics classes went to PlayLand for their amusement park physics field trip. It was a beauty day. A few of my students managed to get to “The Beast” quickly and avoided the big lineup for it.


One of the things I think my classes have gotten quite good at is taking some minimal instructions and using their physics knowledge, they can apply their understanding to situation with good detail. I’m curious to see what I get back from this assignment.

Here is a link to my assignment document: playland physics 2016