120 – Goal-less Introduction


Physics 11 – Today was our first day back after a 2 week spring break.  As a bit of a review and to try and treat physics as a coherent story, I had students consider a goal-less problem.  Their first task was to come up with some questions that they could answer. I hope to use a goal-less problem for a Performance Task but I’m really starting to feel some pressure in terms of curricular content.  For good or bad, it’s weighing on my mind.

This type of performance task is really what it’s all about though. If someone is a student of physics, they should be able to look at a situation and model it, without having someone prompt them through a series of questions.


Day 77 – Goal-less Problem


Physics 11 – Students had their first try at a goal-less problem today. In general, the students had done ok on their practice problems for unbalanced forces and quizzed well on it. To do more practice and something a bit more difficult, I introduced the goal-less problem. The idea is that students are presented with a situation and it’s their job to analyze the physics behind it. There is no one answer or thing to find, they just have to apply what they’ve learned. It’s also a good way to reintroduce kinematics to their problems.