Day 86: Curved Mirrors


Science 8 – The students continued looking into light and optics today.  The main goal was to see how curved mirrors affected light rays. Unfortunately we don’t have curved mirrors to use with ray boxes so I improvised using curved aluminum foil.

2015-02-26 10.56.22

I think this activity is a bit difficult for the students but it is hard to assess. I don’t want to go deep into them drawing ray diagrams, I mainly want them to understand how mirror curvature and focal points work, and how the images change.  The other part that I am concentrating on is the idea of communication competency.  By this I mean that the skill of drawing a clear diagram using a ruler is an important part of communication.  Whether the student is doing a diagram for themselves, for their teacher or for their classmates, it is important to do a good job so that they can exchange their ideas.

Day 83: Reflection and Refraction Activities


Science 8 – Today the students worked through three stations to observe and record what happens to light when it passes through different mediums.  The first activity has the students look at light that reflects off the top surface of a beaker of water.  Kind of cool but not jaw dropping.

The second activity to be fun, interesting and good one to explore and engage with.  They used a ray box to refract light through a glass block.  This one gave the students lots of opportunities to see what light can do.


The shocking activity was the last one.  Students look towards a jar lid that has a penny in it.  They lower their head so that they cannot see the penny. Then a partner slowly pours water into the lid and all of a sudden the student can see the penny because the light is refracting as it comes out of the water.