Pseudo Day 118 – Drawing Ray Diagrams

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Physics 11 – May 11

Students were working with curved mirrors today and doing ray diagrams.  This activity is very similar to what I did with the grade 8 students.  The goal is to use drawings to show understanding of the ray model of light: light can be modeled as traveling in straight lines; line originates at a light source; the Law of Reflection..


Pseudo Day 112 – Optics Summary


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Science 8 – April 23

Another one of my science 8 classes was finishing up their optics unit.  Their last assignment was to produce a concept map on the keyword “Vision”.  The concept map is used to determine how well they understand the human eye and how the parts of the eye work together to create an image on the retina and a vision in our minds.

Day 86: Curved Mirrors


Science 8 – The students continued looking into light and optics today.  The main goal was to see how curved mirrors affected light rays. Unfortunately we don’t have curved mirrors to use with ray boxes so I improvised using curved aluminum foil.

2015-02-26 10.56.22

I think this activity is a bit difficult for the students but it is hard to assess. I don’t want to go deep into them drawing ray diagrams, I mainly want them to understand how mirror curvature and focal points work, and how the images change.  The other part that I am concentrating on is the idea of communication competency.  By this I mean that the skill of drawing a clear diagram using a ruler is an important part of communication.  Whether the student is doing a diagram for themselves, for their teacher or for their classmates, it is important to do a good job so that they can exchange their ideas.