Day 140 – Questions about Space


Science 9 – For our first day about space I had the students generate their own questions. I used the methodology outlined in Make Just One Change.

Space is a fantastic unit for inquiry. Pretty much every kid has things they wonder about for space. And by going through all of these questions they’re interested in, we actually cover all of the required learning objectives.

Day 9: Brainstorming Peanuts

Today we worked on observations, by recording details of apples and then studying how a starch packing peanut dissolves in water.  This led to our next discussion about scientific methods: asking questions, and coming up with testable ideas.  What follows is a list of questions the students had about packing peanuts. With my help, they then decided on which questions were testable in our classroom (highlighted in green).


Of course, that we’re not going to test #1 is a major disappointment!  Next day’s plan is for the students to split up and devise an experimental plan to test one question (per group).  With these activities, we will go over experimental design and controls in an interesting and authentic way.