Day 64: 2nd Law Quiz


Physics 11 – Today we had a quiz on Newton’s 2nd Law.  The idea was to quiz the basic Fnet type of situation, to see where all the students are at.  Doing a worksheet while chatting with friends can be a lot different from doing a quiz where there is no contact with others.

From our previous practice questions, the students were a bit mixed up with creating an Fnet equation.  For example, they still held the idea that they should memorize, or be given, the equation Fnet = Fn – Fg

I believe overcoming this misconception to be the biggest take-aways from the class.

Day 22: Quiz Day

My physics 11 students had their 2nd quiz today, and then they continued along with their constant acceleration labs. There’s not a lot to report, quizzing still seems to take up a lot of class time. I guess that’s just the way things go. I could pressure the students to work faster but that’s not really the point. They’re just consolidating their learning and doing everything correct AND fast doesn’t seem to be the best expectation. That’s all I have for Day 22…