Day 69 – Shortened Math Class

Math 8 – Today was a shortened day. The fun part was going over rate questions and some students being unsure of heart rate before and after exercise. That led to us all taking our heart rate and then I got the students to run on the spot, do jumping jacks and then do burpees. We went around the room saying what our heart rate. Some students would say they lost count, at which point I would tell them that there isn’t a law against starting over.

It was all kind of fun, but the lesson did reveal that undercurrent of helplessness. I didn’t count right the first time, therefore I can’t do it.

Day 65 – Bathtub Problem

Math 8 – Today students worked on the bathtub problem. It was totally solvable and as a result we saw a lot of success. The problem was difficult enough to stimulate discussion and reveal initial misconceptions though. Most groups first thought the solution would be 45 minutes. I think the logic was that if you add an hour and 30 minutes and then average/split it between two, you get 45 minutes. Listening to student conversations, there would inevitably be someone who would speak up and say something like, “That doesn’t make sense! If you use just hot water it only takes 30 minutes, it can’t take longer by adding even more water!”