Pseudo Day 129: Classifying Stars

20150527_135911 20150527_123106 20150527_123113

Science 9 – May 27

The class was working through the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram and classifying stars.  We had to come back to this a little bit because the previous week we did a field trip to the MacMillan Space Center.  Above you can see differing quality of work.

Pseudo Day 124 – Stars

20150521_161449 20150521_161347 20150521_161441

Science 9 – May 21

Today the students were supposed to learn about different types of stars and I had planned for them to learn about the Hertzsprugn-Russel diagram.  Most kids were content to methodically work through the sketch activity and I was ok with that.  The grade 9 students are in their “calming down” phase that I’ve seen happen after April.  They are getting more mature and becoming better students.  It’s a welcomed relief.