Day 63 – Story Writing


Science 8 – Students continued to work on their short stories and presentations.  It’s amazing just how much use I can get out of my classroom notebooks.  They are a fantastic tool to have on hand, it’s a shame they are not found in more classrooms.  It’s also too bad that so many students have a $600 smartphone instead of a $500 notebook computer.

Day 59 – Stories in Science


Science 8 – Continuing from Contagion, I thought I’d try something different in science class.  The idea is that encyclopedias are boring and that humans naturally communicate through stories.  RadioLab is a perfect example of this.  Together in class we listened to a story about penicillin and antibiotics. It was interesting, captivating, easily understood and memorable.

So why re-hash an encyclopedia when it would be better to gather information and then disseminate it through story?  Kids were given two options.  Turn their research into a short story, or make a presentation.  The presentation should also be a story of some kind.

There’s lots to write about this, but it deserves its own post. To make a long story short, I’m trying to collaborate with colleagues in the English department to work together on a science and story project.  Perhaps through some Pro D we will be able to pull this off next year.