Pseudo Day 105 – Ohm’s Law


Science 9 – April 10

Today’s class was spent using the iPads and a DC circuit simulator for exploring Ohm’s Law.  It was a pretty successful class.  The app we have isn’t great – it’s difficult to move parts of the circuits around and it crashes often.  At the end of the day though, it gets the job done.  By working through this lab, students collect data for current and voltage of series circuits with different resistors.  By putting together data tables, most of the students were able to see the relationship between voltage and current.  While maybe only 1/3 of the class could explicitly write an equation for this relationship, most students were able to describe Ohm’s Law by using words.  For example, a student would write “the voltage is the current multitplied by the resistance.”  I was really proud of the students and I think most felt pretty good about it too.  This is also a good example of the difficulty people have when moving from a concept (this times this is that) to an equation with symbolic representations.

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